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//Why your business should have a website?

Why your business should have a website?


Can you think about any business not having a business website? It is proven long back that to succeed in any business, it is a must to place your business on the World Wide Web.  More and more people are getting used to search on internet for their day to day needs. Whether you are an established business and promoting a new product, or you are a start-up business desiring to increase your public recognition and increase sales by displaying your work to a broader audience, having a business website is crucial in today’s internet era. Below are just few of the advantages and benefits of having a website for your business.

Promote your business 24/7

If you have a business website you will never need to turn customers away because of the closing time! Since your website is online 24/7, customers aren’t restricted to approach you only during the normal business hours. Customers can access information about your business as and when it is convenient for them – mostly, long after you have finished for the day. With an informative website, you can effectively communicate with potential customers all day and all night. All you need to do is to make sure to build your website to give your customers adequate information about your products and services. It’s guaranteed that your website is always there for you – to answer your customers’ enquiries or to gather their feedback on your behalf.

Cost effectiveness

With small initial cost and effort of launching a website you can save a quite a lot on your marketing activities. With CMS websites it is very easy and extremely efficient to update current offers or information on your website; whereas regular updates of printed materials turn out to be very expensive and time consuming. A well planned website with targeted content can complement the print materials. The CMS website will also enable you to use your website to provide links to download the printed material or post informative videos about your services, providing you the opportunity to engage customers in out of office hours.

Getting more customers  

By creating an online presence which is easily accessible and better marketed than your competitors, you can gain edge over them. A website will represent you to a lot more potential customers and increase your sales. The people who visit your website are already interested in what you have to offer because they have reached it through searching on the internet by as per their needs. They have already gone through content and know your location. Hence, your business promotion has worked effectively for the targeted audience.

A website can help you generate more customers worldwide. The internet is a global community, and by having a website your business becomes part of it.

Guidance and information for customers

You can regularly share your ideas and updates or some useful information that might be exceptionally important for your client base. You can provide the information on your website and inform your subscribers directly pretty quickly. Up to date, relevant content will make your clients to browse your website and will ultimately generate more business. There is no limit of the volume of content you can present on your website. You can explain in detail to the potential customers about your work, experiences, existing clients, finished projects – in fact just about anything that will be valuable for your purpose.

Interactive Customer relations and feedback

Having a website can help you build better relations with your customers. Having the chance to know your customers through the effective use of social media and a blog will give you more statistics about what your clients are looking for and expecting from you. Website visitors can communicate with you via e-mail straight from your website. You can also provide online forms that allow visitors to put up their queries, to request more information, to give their feedback or place an order. By entering into a dialogue with your customers and potential customers you can establish a good relationship with them.


These are just a few of the advantages and benefits of having a business website. If you wish to discuss further about building a website for your business, please feel free to give us a call for free consultation on 01772 508117.

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