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Tips for an effective Email Marketing campaign


Email marketing, when done well, can be a very efficient way of reaching your target audience. It can help you to build and maintain good relationships with prospective customers, existing clients and partners, and spread the word about your products and services.

Email marketing is a key tactic of every organisation’s digital marketing plan. When it comes to customer retention and customer acquisition, email can be very influential.

Here are some useful tips to get most out of an email marketing campaign.

1. Send the right message to the right people at the right time

Be sure your content is relevant to the people who are reading it. Properly segment your database into various groups or categories. Drive email campaigns for each segment separately. You can also, try-out with sending email on different days, times and occasions and see which one works best for you. Sending appropriate content will keep your readers engaged, and they will look forward to your newsletter.

2. Make your e-mail a visual treat

Make sure you email is attractively designed and eye-catching. It will be a good idea to include your company’s colours and logo in the design. Use bullet points where necessary, to make it easy to read, integrate some relevant images, and break text into short lines or paragraphs. If the email looks boring, readers might not even bother to go through content, even if it is useful to them.

3. Have a persuasive subject line

Subject line is the first thing people will see, and most people will decide whether or not to open an email just by looking at the subject line. Make sure your subject line is captivating and is not too long. Offer something of value in your subject line to your receivers to invoke an interest, curiosity or excitement.

4. Make your email mobile-friendly

Now a days it is essential that everything you send needs to be mobile-friendly. Your email should be displayed correctly on smartphones and tablets, and it should be optimised for these devices. Ask your designer to test your email on different devices before sending it out. If you are doing it yourself use a mobile friendly template and check before you go-ahead with it.

5. Be aware of the spam rules

A lot of people make mistake because they don’t know the rules. Read the CAN-SPAM act to avoid any trouble, you will find a lot of information online as well. The thumb rule is, you are allowed to send bulk email only to people who have subscribed to be on your mailing list. If you have bought the e-mail data then make sure the source is trustworthy. Always include an obvious unsubscribe link in every email. Each time send test messages to see how they are treated by the spam filters.

6. Make use of your social media pages

Include social media share button in your email and take advantage of valuable opportunity from your prospective new business. These will allow your contacts to share your email on their social media sites. You may have an attractive offer that one of your leads would like to share with friends. Social share buttons give your email the potential to be seen by thousands of people you generally wouldn’t have direct contact with.

7. Include a call-to-action (CTA)

Each of your email should have a clear and convincing CTA. Keep it easy for people to take the action you’d like them to take, such as to sign up for a free trial, fill out a form to get a complementary guide or call a specific number. Ask your readers to use this communication channel to share reviews about your product or service.

8. Measure your success, analyse your results

Review campaign reports that provide you with key data. If you have hired an email marketing service, you should have access to statistics of your campaign as part of the service. This may give you information such as:

  • Number of people who have opened the message
  • Number of clicks on the links to your website
  • How many people have unsubscribed …and so on.

You should also be able to track what happened to those visitors on arrival at your website using your website statistics. Consider using Google URL builder to insert trackable links within your email so you can view clicks and conversions with Google Analytics.

By following these tips, you should be able to build an email marketing campaign that works for you – or at least know whether it works for you or not!

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